Outdoor Exercises

Performing outdoor exercises is a very interesting option to get in shape, especially when we leave winter behind and welcome spring. Also, many of them can only be done in open spaces, so we encourage you to leave the gym from time to time and organize a routine that includes some of the proposals you will find below.

Benefits Of Outdoor Exercises

First of all, playing sports in open spaces is more rewarding, especially if contact with nature occurs. On the other hand, it can also be considered more beneficial for health, being able to breathe cleaner and less recharged air. In addition, at the biomechanics level, it is more advisable to do outdoor exercises instead of your gym alternatives, such as running in a park instead of on a treadmill.

If these exercises are performed on soft ground, the body and especially the joints will suffer less. Grass or earth are good examples of this, as well as beach sand.

On a practical level, doing outdoor sports gives you more time freedom, because you can practice at any time, without being subject to closing or opening periods. The only condition to take into account is sunlight … or even that because there are increasingly more sophisticated kits for night lighting.

And another benefit that is no less important is economic savings: you will not need to pay monthly fees, as is the case in gyms. In addition, the equipment necessary for outdoor exercises is also very basic, as it is limited to comfortable sportswear, good shoes and, if any, some easy and cheap acquisition: mats, balls, etc. On our website, you can find clothes for men, women, boys, and girls, as well as slippers and simple accessories.

Examples Of Outdoor Exercises

If you need ideas about outdoor exercises, here are some. For example, running on the beach will greatly enhance the muscles of your lower train and will save you extra: you can even do without shoes and enjoy the pleasure of feeling the fine sand on your feet!

Going up and downstairs is another good idea. If you are a fan of step exercises, what better way to choose a large outdoor staircase in which to perform series with different difficulties? On the other hand, in the park and, in general, away from home, you will find all kinds of curbs and interesting steps for the most varied routines.

The banks also give much play. For example, to perform different types of squats, including Bulgarians, which are probably the most demanding. In addition, they allow different positions to be adopted for arm and pull-ups. And of course, they are the best support to carry out an intense stretching session.

Precisely, a good lawn is the perfect environment to perform disciplines related to elasticity. From yoga to pilates, through a variety of martial arts that find the best space frame in the green of the park. The tai-chi is a good sample, and for their group practice, they are usually held in the parks of the big cities.

And of course, if your exercise requires ample space or a long-distance, parks or esplanades are the ideal options. For example, to make a series of sprints or change of pace or to make throws in pairs, either ball, frisbee, or any other accessory.

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