Have An Amazing Time With These 5 Outdoor Activities In Guatemala City

There are those afternoons with the perfect weather to be outdoors, which makes it impossible to resist and stay indoors. You may already know the parks and streets where you can walk in the city. Therefore, today, we want to surprise you with different options to be active and have fun. In the city, you will find incredible places to stroll and get to know a little of everything the country has for you. Keep reading and discover five outdoor activities in Guatemala City that you will love.


If you wonder what to do in the city that makes your heart beat fast, we suggest you canopy. An activity that consists of sliding through the heights through a rope and thus appreciate nature and the city from the air. You can find this activity in different places in zone 16, and all you need is a lot of energy and comfortable clothes.

Invite your friends, family, or even go alone and enjoy the spectacular views of the city. If you are looking for what to do in Guatemala, specifically in the city, that makes you live an exciting adventure, you can do this activity the following weekend.

2.Drive Go-Karts

This second outdoor activity option will make you feel like you are a character in an action movie. When deciding what to do in Guatemala City, visiting a go-kart track is the ideal activity to get out of the routine. In the city, you find different tracks in zone 13 and on the road to El Salvador, which have not only the go-kart tracks and all the necessary equipment, but also with delicious food stalls.

Also, you and your companions choose whether they want to drive for half an hour or an hour. We suggest you arrive early to take full advantage of everything these facilities offer.

3.Play Miniature Golf

For those looking for fun and relaxed activities, the good idea is to play miniature golf. Invite your family, your friends, or your partner to spend an afternoon outdoors where they will have fun while playing little golf. This is one of those outdoor activities in Guatemala City, where none has to be a professional to have a good time. Just take the entire attitude to enjoy with your companions this perfect option to change the classic exits forever.

You can do this activity in several places in the city, especially in the San Cristóbal area. Check the weather before organizing your visit to confirm that the sun is in your favor.

4.Try Wakeboard

We continue our list of outdoor activities with one that involves water and lots of excitement. The wakeboarding is a water sport that involves glide over water while you’re being pulled by a boat. This option will surprise you if you don’t resist extreme activities.

At the wakeboard, you can test drive to El Salvador, where you can receive classes to learn how to water ski. Dare to do something different and choose this outdoor activity option as your next fun plan.

5.Horse Riding

And to close with a flourish our list of places to walk and have fun in Guatemala, horse riding is the perfect activity for all ages, whether you want to entertain your little ones or want to spend a quiet afternoon, breathing fresh air while riding with your companions.

To ride a horse, we suggest you visit the different farms that you find near the city center. Here you can not only ride but also eat rich without having to move away from the city. Start your adventure from the morning so you can take advantage of everything these places have for you.

We hope you have been surprised by these five different outdoor activities in Guatemala, perfect when the weather is in your favor, and you want to make the most of it. If you are looking for different activities to get out of the routine, these are good options to have a good time without having to move away from the city.

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