Becoming a digital nomad

3 Ways to become a Digital Nomad

Want to become a digital nomad and be geographically free? To work on the Internet while traveling? You fell in the right place!

The status of “digital nomad” makes many people want. But between dream and reality, there is often a big gap. No, you can’t generate $10,000/month of passive income while playing on your laptop on a beachside hammock. At least not right away.

A digital nomad is a person who works on the Internet while traveling.

Going further:

A digital nomad uses new technologies to work and earn money. His job is not tied to a particular place and he is therefore geographically free to work wherever he wishes. A digital nomad takes his work wherever he goes. It only needs a computer and an Internet connection to work.

These nomads can change countries whenever they want according to their desires and the visa limitations of the countries. Some like to change cities/countries every month, others stay a whole year in a country.

There are three main categories of digital nomad:

  • Freelancers
  • Web entrepreneurs
  • Employees in telework

Namely, a nomad can be alone, as a couple or as a family.

We will detail the 3 ways to become a digital nomad. One should suit you more than another.

Becoming a Freelancer

Digital NomadThis first option is preferred by a large number of nomads. It allows you to start quickly and without the need for huge skills. A freelancer is a person who carries out assignments in his field of expertise with a client. This can include making a logo, writing an article, creating a website, editing a video, developing a mobile app, etc. It is paid by the hour/day/week or at the project.

To find assignments, a freelancer uses freelance platforms, his network or will approach potential clients directly. The advantage of becoming a freelancer is that you generate money on demand.With each mission, he is paid by his client. On the other hand, this means exchanging time for a fee. He is therefore obliged to work a minimum to finance his lifestyle. Freelancers make up the majority of digital nomads around the world. This is clearly a recommended option to enter the world of digital nomadism.

Create your Business Online

This second option is more geared towards experienced web workers. Starting entrepreneurship without any knowledge is much more difficult than going freelance from scratch. Possibly, but it will take you a lot longer to earn money. The goal is to create an activity that can be managed 100% from the Internet. You can have employees and customers, but you are geographically free. You are not tied to a fixed office.

Here are some common examples of these web entrepreneurs:

  • Create an online store (commerce, dropshipping, Amazon FBA)
  • Selling digital products
  • Becoming an influencer (Instagram, YouTube….)
  • Create paid web and mobile apps
  • Monetize a blog (advertising, affiliation, consulting…)

When you embark on an entrepreneurial adventure, you won’t make money right away. A minimum of 6 months/1 year is required to live on it. Often it’s more. It is advisable to get started with a job next door or big savings.

Choose a Job in Telework

The third way to become a digital nomad is a little more traditional: working as an employee for a company. Here you have an employment contract and do “normal” hours with a specific position. The only difference is that you work remotely. This ensures financial stability, while having geographic freedom.

There are two ways to get a job remotely:

  • Ask your current employer: The chances of it succeeding are slim, but it’s becoming more common
  • Search for work entirely remote (100% remote): thousands of offers are available
  • As we mentioned quickly in the first part, many companies are now fully controlled on the Internet. You can see a few examples here, including Basecamp, Buffer or Automatic.

That is, these are often technical positions and often they are American companies. English is therefore compulsory!…

5 Important Things a Girl Should Never Forget When Traveling

How many headaches does it have to pack a suitcase, right? Be careful, and there are people who enjoy and everything we can say that it is not one of our favorite things when preparing a trip. It is true that afterward because of not packing correctly you regret it, that’s why we are going to tell you the five essential things to carry in the suitcase as a traveling woman that I am.

Adequate clothing according to destination

Traveling anywhere in summer is not the same as traveling in winter, logically my clothes will depend a lot on the season, type of trip and destination, in that order. Surely there are many women travelers around the world who think differently, just as they will have shared the same importance.

Toiletry bag, essential for any traveling woman

The toiletry bag where you keep all the cosmetic products is something that cannot fail in the travel suitcase, and I also tell you that if it fails the worst thing that can happen is that in the Dutty Free at the airport you pray with everything, the bad thing is that it is an extra expense that you do not take into account. Honestly, something that should be done compulsorily not only by women travelers but by all people who travel or take a plane. The liquid storage bags, in addition to the fact that it is compulsory to take them out of the suitcase at the controls, are very important for the organization. Where have I put my cologne? In the liquid bag. Do you think the same?

Documentation prepared in an easily accessible location

Something similar happens with the subject of documentation for traveling (Passport, ID, plane tickets …) we always keep them in the back of the suitcase. In this way, you ensure you have quick and easy access to these in case you need to teach them urgently.

A curling iron and another essential as a traveling woman 

In a travel curling iron, there are as many shapes and sizes as you can imagine, some have various accessories or conical shape with which you can get curls of different types, everything will depend on what you are looking for which means that it could range from basic necessities that can protect your hair from looking dull for example, brush for hair , travelling shampoo, etc.

Medications for traveling

This is something we always recommend, and we have to take medications to travel and avoid the trip from being a bad trip, never better said. Of course, if the disease is severe, you should go to the hospital, but if we can counteract a headache or toothache with a simple pill, better be prepared.

Total admiration for all those women travelers who travel the world alone continuously, since they must have the capacity to organize the suitcase super effectively and interesting.…